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What is the home search process like for a Buyer? 

We get asked all the time 'What do I do when I begin thinking about buying a home? How do you guys work with Buyers?'

Let's take a minute and describe the process we go through in working with a prospective Buyer.

To begin with in North Carolina today as a Buyer, you want to be represented by a Buyer's Agent.  In this market, it costs you nothing to have professional assistance.  The seller pays the real estate commission and your Buyer's Agent will be paid by receiving a share of that Listing Fee (commission) paid by the Seller.

To learn more about Buyer Agency click here.

With literally thousands of licensed real estate sales people here in The Triangle'you need to select a Realtor that you feel will be the right person to represent you.  Some important considerations are:

1.)     Experience in the business
2.)     Integrity and Character of the Realtor
3.)     Results obtained for others'(click here for testimonials)
4.)     Knowledge of the market
5.)     Experience and knowledge of finance, law, and negotiation skill.

We suggest that you use this website to find out about us and to get a feel for how we work and how we have been able to serve others.  If you feel that we might be right for you call either of us on our cell phones: Norman at 919-412-3777 or Billie at 919-274-3757.  We can have an initial conversation by telephone, and if you wish to proceed, we will schedule a time to meet in person and talk about your goals, your interests, and your financial situation.

With Norman's background of Law School and MBA School, there is no one better at strategizing on how to best structure and negotiate a purchase.  With Billie's background as a mortgage lender and a new homes manager we really have all the bases covered.  One cool thing about selecting us to be your agent is that you really do get two for the price of one!

With approximately 14,000 homes for sale in The Triangle finding the right home is not always that difficult.  We pride ourselves on being good listeners'and always work in absolute confidence.  Anything we discuss or talk about will stay totally private and confidential just like when you talk to an attorney or doctor.  Sometimes selecting the right loan program is actually more of a challenge, than finding the right home so we do like to start off by discussing the myriad of loan programs and loan possibilities so that we can determine what level of monthly housing expense is right for you.

Often we will arrange a meeting with a very experienced mortgage lender after our first meeting.  This is a key step because all sellers today want to see a pre-qualification letter submitted with any offer.  We will help you be ready and be comfortable for this initial lender meeting.  You do not have to eventually actually use the mortgage lender who pre-qualifies you but many times they work out to be able to help us all the way through the transaction.

Our first meeting and your pre-qualification with a local lender will help us determine the price range in which you want to look.  Many times, your own limit on what you want your monthly payments to be might be more limiting than the lender's analysis.  In any event we need to establish a target price range that we will not exceed.  As a Realtor, the very worst thing we can do is take a Buyer out to see homes'and have them fall in love with something that they cannot afford to buy.  That is why we focus on financing and qualifying early on.

Once we know your target price range the next step is to begin considering locations neighborhoods.  Many Buyers know what area or areas they want to consider before we ever meet but if you do not, that is quite all right.  A big part of our job is to listen to what you are seeking listen you your preferences and needs and then draw on our market knowledge to help you identify those communities and neighborhoods that will best fill the bill for you and your family.

There are lots of lifestyle considerations at this point in addition to specific requirements for a physical home.  It is interesting to not that most Buyer's begin by selecting areas or neighborhoods before they ever start looking at specific houses.  The national Association of Home Builders has done detailed surveys for a number of years.  One question that they always ask is 'Would you rather live in a great home in an average neighborhood or an average home in a great neighborhood?'

Overwhelmingly, the responses come back stating that Buyers would rather live in a great neighborhood!  Now our goal will be to help you find a great home in a great neighborhood! The point here is that we need to start by considering areas and neighborhoods.

Once we know the area or areas that you are interested in we will then do detailed searched in MLS to find everything that is currently on the market that might fit your family's requirements.  We will email you those listings or if you do not have access to email we will get you hard copy.  We will ask you to look through these possibilities and select the homes that interest you the most.  Many Buyers will do a preliminary drive by to help narrow the field.  However we do it, we need to narrow things down to about 8-12 homes for a first day looking.

8-12 homes is about as many as a Buyer can see in one day without them all running together.  We likely will look for more than one day, but if we have been good and careful listeners and good and careful screeners applying our knowledge of the market and our understanding of your needs, wants, and desires, we sometimes nail the right choices in a day!

Whatever is required, we will work with you to find the right home.  We make a strong commitment to our clients.  In working with you we likely are going to work some weekends, work some evenings, or miss some meals of time with our family.  We understand that our commitment is to help you find the right property for you!  We make that commitment and we ask for a commitment back.  Realtors work totally on commission.  If a home is not purchased, we do not get paid'so we ask for the commitment back that if you choose to work with us you will give us a chance to serve you and please you.  Buyers who go out with multiple Realtors must not understand how our business works because they are guaranteeing that some Realtor (or Realtors) will not get paid for their time, effort, and expertise.

Enough about that.  Our goal is to show you our professionalism and serve you in a manner that earns your trust and your loyalty.  We have been doing that for more than 25 years. We have been successful by applying the Golden Rule to our business.  We try to serve each Buyer, just as we would want to be treated ourselves.

We invite you to look further in this website and then call us to set a time to talk by phone or in person.  Remember, there is never a charge for working with us as a Buyer'and there certainly is no obligation for an initial meeting.  Do think carefully about whom you will select to represent you.  As we have said, there are thousands of licensed real estate salespeople in the Triangle.  Not all have equal experience nor equal ability and insight.

Buying a home is typically the largest financial purchase that a Family or Individual will ever make.  Choose someone you know will act in your best interests who will keep confidences and who has the experience and knowledge to walk you through the process without surprises.  We would like to extend to you our very best VIP Service give us a call today: 919-412-3777.  Or email us at NormanBlock@REALTOR.com.


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Norman Block
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