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What is the listing process like for a Seller? 

We get asked all the time 'What do I do when I begin thinking about putting my house on the market for sale?'
Let's take a minute and describe the process we go through in working with a prospective Seller.
To begin with'you need to select a Realtor that you feel will be the right person to represent you.  Some important considerations are:

1.)     Experience in the business (click here for our background)
2.)     Integrity and Character of the Realtor
3.)     Results obtained for others (click here for testimonials)
4.)     Knowledge of the market
5.)     Marketing approach & strategy
We suggest that you use this website to find out about us'and to get a feel for how we work and how we have been able to serve others.  If you feel that we might be right for you'call either of us on our cell phones: Norman at 919-412-3777 or Billie at 919-274-3757.  We can have an initial conversation by telephone, and if you wish to proceed, we will schedule a time to come out and meet you in person and see your property.

On this initial visit, we want to meet you and discuss your goals and timing...then carefully go through your home. While there, we will carefully measure your house.  If you have a copy of your appraisal from when you purchased, that would help us tremendously.  It will give us a "second opinion" from our own calculations of square footage.  Square footage is the number one place where both Realtors and Sellers get questioned'and, yes'sued by Buyers...so we are always very careful with this. Square footage is also a critical component of valuation by any appraiser...so it would really be helpful if you can share a copy of your original appraisal.

The other thing we would like to see on this initial visit is a copy of your survey.

We will take some preliminary photos, take notes on all the features and finishes of your home, and see if there are Fix-up and Spruce-up Items that should be addressed before putting your home on the market.

We have taught a lot of real estate in the last 25 years, and always talk to our agents ...and Sellers ...about the equation that affects Salability of real estate.  It is:
P x L x C = S


With almost 14,000 homes for sale in our MLS system...the starting place is always to be sure that your property is properly priced and also in excellent condition.

Our goal is to help you determine where to price your property so that you get the top dollar...but still get it sold.  It is up to you as Seller to set an accurate price...and to put the property in top condition...so essentially you determine salability.

Let me talk to you a minute about how the sales process takes place.  Many Sellers think that the buying process is a process of selection.  It is not.  With so many homes on the market, every buyer will have many choices to consider.  Thus when they go out looking at 10-15 properties in a day...it quickly becomes a process of elimination.

Of all the variables, Price is the most important factor as to whether your home gets selected by the showing Realtor to be put on the Show List for any specific buyer.  If your property is not priced appropriately...it simply will not be shown much.

Once on the Show List...then the focus changes from Realtor Marketing to Buyer Attraction...and that is where Condition comes in.  When a Buyer is looking at many properties...the ones that are not in top condition get eliminated without being given serious consideration.

If you choose us to be your Realtors, we would work with you as Teammates to address the variables of Price and Condition as carefully as we can.  By the time we get involved, Location is typically set...but there may be opportunities to manage the perception of Location...especially in places that can "seem" far out...when it actually may really, or relatively, be convenient.

We invite you to look further in this website and then call us to set a time to talk by phone or in person.  There is never a charge for an initial meeting.  Do think carefully about whom you will select to represent you. There are thousands of licensed real estate salespeople in the Triangle.  Not all have equal experience nor equal ability and insight.

Selling a home is typically the largest financial transaction a Seller will ever make. Choose someone you know will act in your best interests'who will keep confidences'and who has the experience and knowledge to walk you through the process without surprises.  We would like to extend to you our very best VIP Service. Give us a call today 919-412-3777.  Or email us at NormanBlock@REALTOR.com.

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