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Dear Norman:

Now that you have been successful in selling our home located at 100 Citreon Court in Cary, I wanted to thank you for the professional manner in which you have handled our prior listing meetings, the listing and marketing of our home, the advice you gave throughout the selling process and the follow-ups during the closing process.

As you know, I obtained a real estate license about 18 months ago and, while I have not actively used my license during the process, I do know something about the responsibilities of a realtor and/or broker. 

This is the Seventh time that we have listed and sold a home, both in North Carolina and in California. Both Donna and I believe that the representation that we had from you and your company was by far superior to any other realtor or sales office.

Your advice concerning how and at what price to list our home was, in our opinion, forthright and honest. Your attention to details and communication with us during the entire process was quite extraordinary.

Needless to say, if at any time you would like to use us or this letter as a reference, please feel free to do so. Once again, thank you for assisting us through this difficult and emotional process.

Thanks for the Coaching and Advice!!

Dear Norman and Billie:

Rhonda and I had such a wonderful experience working with you to sell our home in Apex that we wanted to express our thanks in writing. Because we feel so strongly about the positive effect that your recommendations had upon the sale of our home, please feel welcome to share this freely during your business discussions.

Most important, your detailed and thorough assessment of the property gave us an opportunity to see it through 'buyer's eyes'. Working with another realtor who had not given us any fix-up feedback, Rhonda and I thought we could see the property objectively - we were wrong. After a year on the market without any offers, we turned to you and Billie for help. Although we expected price or location to be the root cause, your careful analysis helped us to understand condition as the key to selling our home. Taking your advice, our home sold in less than 30 days!

Your fix-up and spruce-up list was fantastic. The level of detail was exactly what we needed to communicate with contractors and to schedule the work to be done. Your recommended contractors were responsible and top-notch, and the work was completed without a hitch. The fix-up work was a great investment. Once the work was done, Rhonda and I saw that the home was ready to survive the buyer's process of elimination. Since the fixed-up property warranted serious consideration, the sale process naturally went smoothly.

After you and Billie took the time to explain how home buyers go through more of a process of elimination than one of selection, we were immediately willing to make the investment to fix-up and spruce-up our property. You really opened our eyes to the underlying process, market dymanics, and buyer behavior. Again, with your help we sold in less than 30 days.

Thank You again for the time and attention you gave us throughout the sale process. The level of service was so high that we felt like we were your only clients. Many thanks, and please know that we wish you every success in the future.

Warm regards, 
Allen and Rhonda Parker

Thank You!!!

Billie and Norman Block are outstanding in their field. From our first meeting, we knew that Block & Associates was the realty group we wanted to represent our home. Their knowledge and professionalism was apparent in every step of the home-selling process. The time and effort that was put into getting our house ready to go on the market helped our home sell in eight days! We were always kept well informed on what was happening with our home and if we had questions they were always a phone call away. We highly recommend Block & Associates to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. Thanks to Billie and Norman for a wonderful home selling experience! - James and Nicole Miller


Dear Norman and Billie,

My wife and I would like to express our gratitude and give thanks for all the help you gave us during our recent home purchase. We can't even think what could have or would have gone wrong if we tried to purchase our first home without your expertise.

Jill and I had long considered buying a home but did not think it was possible because of having only one income at the time. After sitting with both of you, it was apparent that we could get into a home, build equity and stop paying rent. I hear too many horror stories of people complaining that a real estate agent only has one thing on their mind - money. With Block and Associates, we both knew that the money was not the issue - you truly cared and only wanted what was best for us. All of the homes that we saw with you were a perfect match for what we were looking for - it was obvious from the start of our search that you listened to what we wanted and guided us in all the right directions. Neither of us had any idea that the home buying process was so intricate - finding the right neighborhood, getting a proper inspection even though it was a new home, walkthroughs with the builder , and dealing with the mortgage company and lawyers. It would have been overwhelming if not for your knowledge, professionalism and overall fantastic service .

We hope you realize that you made our home buying experience even more enjoyable than we imagined and, because of this experience, we will NEVER work with anyone else when the time comes for us to buy or sell property in the future. Feel free to use us as a personal reference - we will gladly speak with anyone on your behalf.

It was truly our pleasure to have worked with you. 

Eric & Jill Ferris




Dear Norman & Billie,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional job that you did selling our house. There were several key things that made you stand out from other real estate agents that I think other people should know about, so please use this letter for your marketing.

We interviewed several real estate agents before making our decision. What impressed us the most about you was that you were far more prepared before setting foot in our house. You had already pulled together data that we could review at our first meeting!

We also really appreciated how much effort you put forth before being awarded the job. On our first meeting, you performed three walk-throughs, making notes and pointing out good and bad things about our house. Within a week, you provided us with a detailed list of all the things we needed to do to get it ready to sell. That was extremely helpful!

Another thing that we are thankful for is your help in finding us an agent in our destination city. You exceeded our expectations when you researched agents and even interviewed them before making a recommendation to us. And your recommendation was absolutely perfect!

One final thing that makes you stand out from others is your communication. Selling a house is complicated and requires a lot of information exchange. You always let us know what you were doing via phone or email. There was never a time when I wondered what was happening.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. . .or in this case, the proof is in the “Days On Market”. You helped us sell our house in 10 days -- two weeks before Christmas. That is all the proof that is needed! 
Sincerely yours,

Joe & Christine Winters            




Norman Block
Norman Block
107 Edinbough S Drive Cary NC 27511